Home Matches

The OTR StillHouse is located at 2017 Branch Street in Over-the-Rhine. They make all of their beer, liquor, wine, and sodas in house. They also have a full food menu, and will have a few match day specific items. You can find their website in the link here. There is a small bottle shop entrance along Central Parkway, but the primary entrance is along Branch Street. There is a two level parking garage immediately to the north of the StillHouse that is free for customers. You can also park in the parking lot across the street from the StillHouse and along Central Parkway. If you aren’t driving, we recommend taking the streetcar to the Brewery District stop right in front of Rhinegeist, and going west along Henry until the road hooks north to the OTR StillHouse. You can see the path connecting the parking lot to the streetcar stop as the orange line in the image below. We’ll meet with other supporters at Elm and Henry and continue south on Elm to Findlay Market for the march to the stadium.

We will typically start our pregames about 4 or 5 hours before kickoff, and the march will start one hour before kickoff. The merch table will shut down at least 30 minutes before the march leaves, so please arrive early if you are looking to order or pick up your membership package.

As always, we welcome visiting fans from other teams to join us at the OTR StillHouse! All are welcome.

Juncta Juvant!