The Die Innenstadt Board of Directors

Get to know the leadership of Die Innenstadt! There are a total of 7 people on the board, which consists of a President, Vice President, and 5 At-Large Board Members.

2024 Board of Directors

Brandon Sanders
Melinda Kelley
Michael Mutcher
Patrick Gau
Kevin Hirsch
David Myers
Lizzie Payne
Michael Sauers

Past Board Members

Timo Breitenstein Timo Breitenstein
Bob Brumberg Bob Brumberg
Jared Handra Jared Handra
Claire Hughes Claire Hughes
Chipp Knudsen Chipp Knudsen
Christina Koplyay Christina Koplyay
Ryan LammiRyan Lammi
Blake LaneBlake Lane
Jason Montgomery Jason Montgomery
Ronny Salerno Ronny Salerno
Adam Sandfoss Adam Sandfoss
Jason Schindler Jason Schindler
Jeremy Schulz Jeremy Schulz
David Sherman David Sherman
Geoff Tebbetts Geoff Tebbetts
Ziggy Zibrowski Ziggy Zibrowski